Swimmin, in the rain.

A welcome change in the weather..



8/18/20221 min read

Gene Kelly got it right. Rain is absolutely great. There is nothing nicer than singin', dancin' or even swimmin' in sweet gentle rain. After another violent storm on Tuesday night in which the gods seemed to have stirred up sulphurous vapours in a giant cauldron at the end of the valley, and forked lightning criss crossed the sky, the heavy rain passed on. We have now been left with persistent clouds and occasional light showers.And yes.. in case you are wondering... we are still using our pool. Although we are sad that the clouds have obscured 'The Perseillades' this rain is delightful. Drooping shrubs are perking up and flowers,which I believed to be lost, are coming back to life . Even our energy is restored . But for how long? We anxiously scan the fifteen day forecast for signs of a returning heatwave. Ahead of us lies a lot of sunshine and some heavy winds, but temperatures approaching 40C seem to be a thing of the past...for this year at least.